The ordinary life of a genius

  • "What" Now in society if you don't read there is very little way out I see that your brush writing is good and your literary accomplishment is also good If you don't go to school now there will be no chance if you want to go to school when you are older As soon as the middle-aged man talked about his profession he educated Zhu Siqi as a truant student Seeing Zhu Siqi's disapproving appearance the middle-aged man fully carried forward his professional spirit as a teacher "My surname is Liu and my name is Liu Xuanwen I am a math teacher in the graduating class of Santang Middle School Although you have a literary foundation you still have to receive education in other aspects of knowledge You are not afraid to go all over the world if you learn'mathematics physics and chemistry 'well You should know this" Liu Xuanwen said earnestly Good'number reason change 'all over the world are not afraid I haven't heard of it "Zhu Siqi shook his head slowly" He read either Buddhist scriptures or medical books or foreign languages and other miscellaneous learning mathematics physics and chemistry books really have not been touched Hearing Zhu Siqi's answer Liu Xuanwen was a little at a loss Did he really enter the school from the end Had to patiently follow him to explain "Number is mathematics you calculate your own day's income to use mathematics building a house to use mathematics running a factory to use math even now farming to use math and you also use math in the prescription" As for reason it is physics Why people can walk why people can walk why people can't sink on water and why people can fly in the sky all need to use physics Chemistry is chemistry How are the food we eat and the water we drink made Why can the medicinal materials on your prescription cure diseases How are the salt we eat made All need to use chemistry Hearing this teacher Liu's introduction Zhu Siqi really raised his interest These are all things that the master Health & Medical has taught him from the end But I'm going to set up a stall now and my teacher My family may not agree with me to go to school "This is easy to do you tell me where your home is I personally go to your home and talk to your parents" see Zhu Siqi began to be interested Liu Xuanwen is a sense of success I'd better go back and discuss it with my family first and then I'll come to you OK Zhu Siqi did not want others to know that his family was actually his master and lived on the top of a mountain that ordinary people could not go to Well if you come to see me during the day just come to the school You can ask the teachers or classmates in the school to find Mr Liu in the third year of junior high school and they will tell you where my office is If it's at night the people behind your school will know where my home is "Thank you Mr Liu" Zhu Siqi was very moved to see Liu Xuanwen so enthusiastic " No and I also want to thank you today You have almost cured my lungs and legs This is today's treatment fee of two yuan "Then Liu Xuanwen took out two yuan and handed it to Zhu Siqi China Suppliers " Zhu Siqi didn't want his money now so he hurriedly said he didn't have to give it If you treat me today you have to give me money and the matter of your enrollment is my business as a teacher Liu Xuanwen is determined to give money Finally there is no way Zhu Siqi had to take the money secretly thought must help this kind teacher Liu completely cure his disease Seeing that teacher Liu Xuanwen had already left Zhu Siqi also began to close the stall Back on the mountain it was already dark Seeing that the master was preparing to cook in person Zhu Siqi hurriedly put his plastic bottle took the master's stuff and began to cook After dinner Zhu Siqi told his master exactly what happened when he met Mr Liu today Liao Fan was silent for a while and said to Zhu Siqi "Disciple you have begun to grow up Master has basically finished teaching you what you should teach If you want to get ahead in society in the future you really need to learn all kinds of knowledge Master supports you to go to school In addition don't set up your stall" "Master I will certainly study hard As for setting up a stall I want to continue After all I can't miss much time It's only once every five days You should believe in the ability of a disciple It's absolutely not worse than others" ” Seeing what Zhu Siqi said Liao Fan did not insist It seems that the apprentice is slowly beginning to grow up The next day Zhu Siqi didn't even have the heart to dispense the pills and went down the mountain to Santang Middle School which is located in the southernmost part of Santangji Santang School is not very big can be said to be simple a total of only one teaching building a total of three floors three classrooms on each floor at both ends of each floor in the teacher's office in addition to the space left behind the classroom to build two teachers'offices one can only be entered from the classroom one Gifts & Crafts can be entered directly from the corridor When I entered the school during the break I asked a classmate to know that Mr Liu Xuanwen worked in the office near the corridor in the middle of the third floor Liu Xuanwen happened to have a young teacher When Liu Xuanwen saw Zhu Siqi looking for him he smiled at him and said "It seems that your family agrees with you to come to school Come in and sit down By the way I don't know what your name is" "My name is Zhu Siqi the commander's secretary one of them" "I talked to the headmaster about your situation this morning and I took you to see the headmaster" "Thank you Mr Liu" Then they got up and Liu Xuanwen brought him to the office at the east end of the third floor That office is the office of the school Council where the principal vice principal general affairs secretary of the Youth League Committee teaching director and political and educational director all work As soon as I entered the door I saw the headmaster Liu Xuanwen said to the headmaster "Principal Du the student I talked to you about this morning is here Please meet him His name is Zhu Siqi" Principal Du is not very old He is forty or fifty years old He is not tall but he is very stocky The hair is a little early the hair in front of the forehead is not much but the person is very good is a genuine college graduate in the early days of liberation tired by the Cultural Revolution has not been mentioned