Prehistoric meaning

  • Chiyou saw that the Xuanyuan people also appeared capable people, he could not retreat, let the people also began to deploy, that is, the simplified version of the ninety-nine silent array, that is, there are signs of defeat of the Xuanyuan troops, we can see how strong the fighting capacity of the Jiuli people with sorcery blood is. At this time the other monks also no longer wait, each rushed to the nine Li clan array, intended to destroy this array, so as to ensure the stability of the Xuanyuan troops. But Chiyou wouldn't let them get what they wanted. He and the eighty-one elders and the great witches such as Xing Tian immediately rushed out to stand with the monks. Although the number of Xuanyuan side is more, but the fighting capacity can not be compared with the sorcery clan, not to mention their ninety-nine silent array under the role of the power is even greater, but the monks also have the help of magic weapons, but are not very useful, after all, the body of the sorcery clan is famous for its intrepidity. And the big witch is not congenital Lingbao or special Lingbao can not be broken, and now only the monks have these treasures, and other monks are casual after all, congenital Lingbao and so on do not have to think about, and even if there is also can not be saved. There are many sorcerers,sodium cyanide price, but there are few innate Lingbao or special Lingbao. However, Guangchengzi's earth-shaking seal is famous for its attack power, and it is completely refined with the help of the original Tianzun. Only in this way can it wield the greatest power without consuming too much magic power, so it can withstand most of the sorcery attacks. And the burning lamp of Gan Kun Chi and his companion Lingbao congenital Lingbao coffin lamp, coupled with his quasi-holy primary cultivation, also saw the attack of Xing Tian, after all,Carbon in Pulp, Xing Tian is known as the ancestral witch of war, but also let the burning lamp have to go all out to display the signs of defeat. The 56th chapter of the main text is the battle for deer (4). The Chiyou cloth ninety-nine silence array, at this time is to wield a surprising advantage, the monks are faintly shaken, and heaven's Haotian and Yaochi see the human race has signs of defeat, immediately sent hundreds of thousands of heavenly soldiers to help in the future, Xing Tian and other sorcerers are anxious, after all, most of the nine Li people are just mortals, can not stop the attack of heavenly soldiers. They could only abandon their opponents and rush to the heavenly soldiers and generals, while the monks tried their best to stop them. The Jiuli people also lost the top fighting power of several big witches, such as Xing Tian, and drew with the human race, but Chiyou's ninety-nine silent array was too powerful to be broken by the monks. Primitive Tianzun in the Kunlun Mountains also knew that they could not see through the war, so he sighed helplessly and waved his hand to spread the truth to Guangchengzi, Portable gold trommel ,portable gold wash plant, and Guangchengzi also showed the meaning of jade, and knew that it was the meaning of the master. After taking it, he hit Chiyou in an instant and hit him out of the array. And those casual practitioners saw that the big array had been broken, and immediately rushed up. The eighty-one elders of the Jiuli Clan are also sorcerers, and because of the counter-attack of the array, most of them are seriously injured, and few of them can fight, but now they are mostly kept by these casual practitioners, and the casualties have increased greatly. And the monks who explained the religion were very envious and jealous to see that Guang Chengzi had taken back the jade in his hand, and they also knew that it was the treasure of the Master. Lantern Taoist is extremely very, to know that he is also a guest in Zixiao Palace, not hesitate to commit himself to the interpretation of the religion is to hope to have a good place to live, but he can only watch the original Tianzun's disciples get Lingbao, but mostly congenital Lingbao, and he only got an acquired Lingbao, which makes his heart very unfair. What's more, he sat in the position of the vice leader of the interpretation religion and let his disciples call him a teacher, and he would work hard to explain the religion, but in the end he couldn't wait for the appreciation of yuanshi Tianzun. What made him angry was that Primitive Tianzun only talked about some rough Taoism at ordinary times, and never talked about more profound Taoism in front of the lamp, which was only when he was a disciple. It can be seen that this lamp is explaining the embarrassing situation. Chiyou also knew that after the big array was forced, Xing Tian and other big witches were led away, it was inevitable to be defeated, so he could only try to preserve his strength, intending to gather the big witches to come back after the war. However, Xuanyuan army did not have the big array of obstacles to immediately kill Chiyou army. The two armies scuffle, that Chiyou's brother was broken because of the big array, injured but no fighting power, those big witches were dragged by the twelve golden immortals, so Chiyou was defeated quickly. Finally ChiYou can only hide the army in the fog, Xuanyuan rate army to pursue, don't want to fall into the fog, human soldiers can't see each other, the battle can't go on, Xuanyuan army trapped in the fog can't find the direction. Xuanyuan was even more anxious and could only look at the clansmen who were trapped by the fog. The people of Xuanyuan tribe were trapped in the battle for seven days, and many of them were hungry and starved to death, which showed the cruelty of the war. At this time, there was a talented person from the human race, who built a car that always pointed to the south, and Xuanyuan saw that the car was as sweet as road nectar, and immediately took the rest of the people, according to the chariot of the south-pointing car named by Xuanyuan, rushed into the fog. Then saved a lot of human warriors, Xuanyuan immediately ordered some soldiers to take good care of these soldiers, the others still rely on the south-pointing car rushed out of the fog, continue to pursue Chiyou troops. But Chiyou troops although tough,manganese beneficiation plant, but after several days and nights of running around is also tired and exhausted, can only stop to rest, do not want to this time Xuanyuan troops have rushed out of the fog to them.