PET Shampoo Bottle Is Very Practical

  • When we wash our hair, because our eyesight is blocked, sometimes many embarrassing things happen, such as: can’t find shampoo, dirty the bottle while shampooing, knock down other toiletries, and the shampoo in the bottle cannot be completely Wash, squeeze and so on. These problems are mainly caused by insufficient design considerations for shampoo bottles.

    Based on this, a hanging bottle, a PET Shampoo Bottle hung on the wall, was designed to save user space. When using it, just gently pinch it, and the shampoo will naturally fall into your palm. No need to pick up the shampoo bottle. Its shape is very stylish and the operation is very simple, which is very suitable for family bathroom use.

    Shampoo bottles are usually made of PET and HDPE. The intuitive difference is that PET can be made into a very clear color and glossy surface, while the natural color of HDPE is an opaque white and a matte texture. When you go to the supermarket to buy shampoo, you will find that many brands of shampoo are made of these two materials.

    Another aspect is the different shapes of shampoo bottles. There are many different designs, but they can be simply divided into squares and circles. Different materials and shapes can form shampoo bottles with different combination designs. Such as PET round shampoo bottle, HDPE square shampoo bottle, PET square shampoo bottle, HDPE round shampoo bottle, etc. Shampoo bottles usually come with a pump head, but some will use flip tops or disc tops according to customer needs.

    The impact of convenient shampoo bottle design on the development of the industry is consistent with the modern and convenient shampoo bottle design industry’s pursuit of life aesthetics. It has been innovated and polished around technology, convenience, safety and quality, and added more fashion and fashion elements, so that the design lines of the shampoo bottle are more beautiful, smooth, material technology, noble texture, elegant shape, with Give people the visual experience of fashion technology, safe and reliable use.

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