A custom wedding ring returned with a floating proposal after b

  • A custom wedding ring returned with a floating proposal after being lost and found

    As I was hitting the ball I felt the ring come off my finger. I felt it coming off and I was like, ‘No, no I can’t believe this is happening,” said Izzy.To get more news about custom ring, you can visit koalaprint.com official website.

    She says they searched for hours but didn’t find it. She assumed it was gone forever, but decided to post in the I Love St. Pete Facebook page in hopes of finding someone who might be able to help.

    Izzy was able to contact Jim Thobe, President of the West State Archaeological Society. He and others volunteer to help people find lost items using metal detectors. They don’t charge anything, but do accept donations. It’s their passion to look for things.On Sunday, six days later, Thobe and member Michael Brown went out with Izzy and her husband, Muawea, to look for the ring. After hours of searching, Brown was able to find it. It happened to be a few feet away from where they docked the boat.

    “I was very elated. I felt wonderful. I always feel like that. Finding the ring, it was great,” said Brown.

    But Muawea decided to wait to tell his wife they found it. Izzy thought it was gone forever. Once back on the boat, Muawea put it back on her finger.“A wedding ring is superiorly important for someone. You gotta find that. And we weren’t going to give up until we found it,” said Thobe.