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    lll➤ Putlocker is Official Website ✔️ One of the most popular websites in the USA besides 123movies. Around 100 million page views are generated there every day. The visitors want to consume TV series and current cinema films for free. There are no fees. What is the legal situation in 2021? Is the use of Putlocker legal?

    Last year, the Putlocker.is website was completely redesigned. Up until the autumn of last year, the offer was dominated by links to sharehosters, where the film recordings could be downloaded in full. Meanwhile, this is a real streaming portal. The streams are received without user intervention, an upload takes place, for example, in contrast to Schoener-Fernsehen.com , IsoPlex or Popcorn Timenot instead. Therefore, there is currently no risk of being warned. The actual download of the films violates copyright law, because no one has been convicted in Germany of receiving the streams with the same content. There is a legal risk for the uploader who uploaded the files so that Putlocker.is can broadcast them. But more on that in a moment ...

    The extension .is indicates a registration of the domain in Iceland. There, copyright infringements are treated a little more freely than anywhere else in the EU. The range of television series and movies is very rich at Putlocker similar like on pirate bay. However, only English-language works are offered there, because most viewers come from the USA, 123movies, Great Britain, Canada and Australia. Because of the incredible popularity, some imitators have now established themselves. The free-riders PutLocker.ms, Putlocker.li, PutlockerHD.co, Putlocker3.com and many more offer a very similar offer.

    The Putlocker streaming portal is one of the many points of contact if you want to quickly watch one of the latest films currently running in the cinema on your home monitor. No entry, no argument about the armrest, you just have to bring the popcorn yourself. But is that legal at all? We clarify.

    Since in principle and in every situation of life the motto “ignorance does not protect against punishment” is important to us with this article, to eliminate the possible ignorance, so that you know what can happen to you if you are caught by a warning lawyer or it doesn't even have to come to that.

    Putlocker.is: Stream movies for free. Why not?

    Putlocker: The list of file hosts
    The extension .is stands for a registered domain in Iceland. As in many African countries, copyright protection is somewhat liberal here. If you only consider the unsuccessful attempt to have the BitTorrent portal The Pirate Bay blocked, it is not surprising that many dodgy portals are still moving their domain to the treeless island. An alternative would be the website fmovies kissanime.

    The question of the legality of Putlocker does not have to be asked for long: Putlocker.is does not offer a direct stream to copyrighted films on the site, as the first appearance might suggest, but only provides the links to file hosts where you you can then stream the movie you want.

    Contrary to popular belief, this is already an act against copyright. Because at this point there is a knowing link to illegal sources that offer illegally protected material.
    That's why we only offer resources which you can also find on google.com.