Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Flower Pot Mould

  • In the Flower Pot Mould , a lattice-type laminated structure should be used as much as possible, rather than a solid structure. The lattice structure requires less material and less labor and is lighter.

    Each type of support structure is good for a specific type of tool. Wood is fast and has the lowest cost, but its dimensional stability is relatively poor, and its weak links are clear. Cast iron is second only to the wood in cost and is easily available in terms of delivery time, but it may require time-consuming and expensive machining. Cast aluminum is more expensive than iron, but is generally available faster and can be processed faster. Cast steel is the most expensive, takes longer to obtain, but has the highest strength. Weldments are almost as expensive and strong as cast steel and can be obtained faster. The plastic support structure made can be expensive in terms of materials and labor, but light in weight.

    In situations where a relatively large amount of plastic is required and strength is not critical, fillers can increase the yield of relatively expensive plastic materials.

    By pouring the surface from the panel to the gasket, rib, or the entire continuous surface, slow and expensive processing of large areas can be eliminated. The production of Automotive mould can also use similar methods to reduce costs.