Different Kinds Of Crate Mould

  • SHINE MOULD is a company specializing in manufacturing various plastic molds. We have more than 20 years of experience in Crate Mould manufacturing. We can provide you with crate molds and crate product solutions. We are a collapsible crate mould manufacturer, collapsible crate mould supplier, China collapsible crate mould manufacturer, collapsible crate mould company.

    We specialize in the production of chocolate crates mold, beer crates mold, vegetable crates mold, milk crates mold, egg crates mold, fish crates mold, bread crates mold, fruit crates mold, Foldable molds, etc.

    The design of the crate depends on the customer's requirements, such as cycle time, a number of employees, injection molding machine, specifications, shrinkage rate or certain plastic material, etc. We use high-brightness technology to manufacture molds to meet all customer requirements and make the surface of the foldable box lighter and more powerful.


    If you are interested in our portable crate mould or Dustbin Mould, please feel free to contact me. I will send you more detailed information about foldable crates molds and products. Welcome to our company.