Crate Mould Production Line

  • Plastic boxes are lightweight, stackable, recyclable, and strong, making them an excellent choice for packaging and transporting fresh products in a safe but low-cost manner. SHINE MOULD has rich experience in Crate Mould manufacturing and providing crate turnkey solutions. Every year, we ship more than 150 sets of container molds to customers, including wooden boxes for fruits and vegetables, wooden bottle boxes, nestable and stackable wooden boxes, etc.

    Conventional box parts specifications

    1. Size: 550 * 350 * 300mm

    2. Weight: 1.5Kg

    3. Material: HDPE

    For plastic container molds, for the core and cavity insert molding area, the mold steel is P20/718H. We can also choose die steel according to customer requirements. We use a 4 hot runner injection gate, which has a heating element to continue heating. We have designed an optimized cooling system with smooth mold moving parts to ensure that the mold can run quickly.

    Plastic turnover box forming machine, according to its mold size, opening stroke, injection weight, we can suggest a suitable turnover box forming machine size at a preferential price. The packing machine is designed with a servo energy-saving system, and mold opening and demolding can be performed in parallel to reduce cycle time. With one-stop service, customers can easily start the beer box production line.

    Welcome to contact us for more information. We manufacture plastic turnover box molds, Dustbin Mould, injection molding machines and other necessary auxiliary equipment to help the entire production line run smoothly.