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  • Automobile lamp mould occupies an important position in Automotive mould. Car lights are transparent parts that require high gloss, so the steel is usually stainless steel. SHINE MOULD has introduced advanced processing equipment, and its accuracy is beyond doubt.

    For automobile dashboard molds, automobile dashboards are parts that combine safety, functionality, comfort and decoration. First of all, the instrument panel needs to have a certain rigidity to support its components to ensure normal operation under high speed and vibration conditions: at the same time, it needs to have better energy absorption capacity to reduce the occurrence of external force alignment accident conditions in the following situations . Therefore, the impact of a good automobile dashboard mold requires not only better product design and structural design, but also reasonable material selection.

    SHINE MOULD looks forward to seeing you. If you are also interested in developing car molds and Flower Pot Mould, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with accurate transportation and preferential prices for high-quality plastic molds.