There Are Many PET Candy Bottles In Shops

  • There is a kind of packaging bottle in the market has been concerned about, set safety, environmental protection, high-end in one, and occupy the C position for a long time, it is food grade PET transparent plastic bottle, such as PET Candy Bottles, what magic can it be favored by consumers?

    1. Advantages of plastic raw material PET

    PET material has many advantages, high transparency, high barrier, good luster, non-toxic, tasteless, low production cost, easy to recycle, mostly used in the production of beverage bottles, mineral water bottles and other types of bottles, and can be directly used in food packaging.

    1. What is the difference between food grade PET plastic bottles and PET plastic bottles

    The difference between the two is not big, mainly food grade more in line with the food packaging, with the food grade certification, consumers on the product packaging will be more assured.

    3, the advantages of transparent packaging

    The magic of transparent packaging is that it can dispel consumer concerns, such as beverage bottles are basically transparent packaging, products are part of the packaging design, but also can let consumers intuitively see, more assured, solve this pain point is naturally more conducive to promote sales.

    Ordinary PET plastic bottles can be used for cosmetics packaging, made into 250ml Plastic Lotion Bottle, etc.