Things You Can Do With Txyicheng Toaster Bags

  • The toast bag can help you make more delicious food, first thing's first, you will need Toaster Bag for a few of these hacks. These bags are amazing and vital to keeping your toaster clean. Now let's begin.

    These bags have a million uses. They crisp up foods that would otherwise go soggy in a microwave, they reheat last night’s pizza without having to worry about dripping grease into your toaster and setting your entire kitchen on fire.

    If that’s not enough to convince you to invest and change your life forever, I’ve compiled some of my fave uses for toaster bags. Obviously, this only just touches the surface. The world is your toaster-bag-warmed oyster.

    Reheating Pizza

    Every one hates mushy microwaved, leftover pizza. Keep that crust crispy and delicious by placing your slice in your toaster. Use a toaster bag to catch that gooey-cheesy goodness.

    Grilled Cheese

    Your favorite snack just got better. No need to pull out the frying pan. First, grab a toaster bag. Then add your buttered bread and cheese of choice to the bag. Pop it in the toaster and make a grilled cheese pronto.

    Veggie Burger Patty

    Veggie burger patties can simply be placed in the toaster. These patties may take two rounds of toasting to be cooked thoroughly. Don’t forget to toast the buns too.


    Mmmm, bacon made easy. Aluminum foil or a toaster bag will work for this hack. Simply surround your bacon pieces with either method and crispy bacon will be coming right up.

    Chicken Nuggets

    This hack is great when you’re dealing with feeding a child and a million other tasks simultaneously. Place the nuggets in a toaster bag and start the toasting process. Start the toaster as many times as you like. You won’t have to worry about burning and the nuggets will be done in a jiffy!

    Taco Shells

    If you have a large family, Taco Tuesday will now be a breeze. Use your toaster to cook your tortilla shells.

    Cakes and scones

    Toaster bags are especially handy for crumbly foods that you’re worried might never make it out of your toaster in one piece. Scones, hot cross buns and slices of banana bread become god tier foods when toasted but are a bloody pain to rescue from the toaster if things start to turn pear-shaped.

    Sling them into a toaster bag to remove all the fear and worry. No shoving chopsticks or plastic knives into the toaster in an attempt to rescue crumbled goods anymore, my friends!

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