Insharefurniture Tips for Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

  • In many parts of the country, Rattan Corner Sofa did not see any use during the recent winter months. Best-case scenario: It was stored indoors, away from the elements, and simply needs a dusting with a damp cloth. Worst-case scenario: It sat uncovered outside and now has a level of grime making it unusable. Get your dirty outdoor furniture clean with these helpful tips.

    Metal outdoor Furniture

    Metal is often considered to be the most durable material for outdoor Inshare furniture and can last a lifetime with the appropriate amount of care. Most metal outdoor furniture is finished with a type of paint, varnish or powder coating to prevent the development of rust. In most cases, metal outdoor furniture can be cleaned by using ¼ cup mild dish soap added to a gallon of warm water. With a sponge or brush, wash away surface pollutants that are known to cause rust, and consider repainting or recoating if necessary.

    Plastic Furniture

    Plastic furniture has become a staple in many home gardens across the world. It’s cheap, it’s reliable, and it’s easy to clean. Resilient year round, this is the garden furniture which generally requires the least amount of maintenance.

    However, during summer it can become weaker or misshapen if constantly in direct sunlight. When not in use, it should be kept in a shaded area whenever possible. The stackability of plastic furniture makes this easy to achieve. If it’s heavier plastic or one of the commercial resins, it may have some sun protection, but it’s still good to try to keep it shaded whenever possible.

    To clean plastics and resins, simply use a cloth dunked into a mix of warm water and dish detergent. Most dirt can be wiped away easily with this. If you have fine crevices, you can use a soft toothbrush and a very gentle hand to get dirt out of those. Avoid scourers or anything with the potential to scratch the surface of the furniture, as plastic tends to be soft. Similarly, power washers can damage the furniture and should also be avoided. Be sure to rinse it off with water once it’s clean, and let it air-dry.

    Keeping Resin Wicker Clean

    Dust and dirt accumulate no matter the season, so the first step in caring for your wicker furniture is cleaning off the detritus. Use a soft brush to dust off light soot whenever you notice it’s beginning to collect. If you detect there is more dust you cannot reach, feel free to use a vacuum and a brush attachment to suck out any stubborn dirt. For mud and grime, you can hose off the pieces, just don’t use too powerful a stream. Think of a stream, not rapids. If you notice any of the weaving is out of place after a quick once over, simply reposition them carefully with your fingers.

    If dusting, vacuuming and hosing off still leave you unsatisfied, use a sponge and mild soap to scrub it clean. Make sure you thoroughly wash all cleanser off before finishing, and allow the wicker to dry before use.

    How to Clean an Outdoor Umbrella Frame

    Aluminum Frames: Use a mixture of dish soap and water to wipe away surface soil. Rinse with clean water and dry the frame using a rag. Do not use abrasive cleansers or bleaches to clean the frame, as this will cause damage to the finish. For water spotting or a calcium build-up, mix together a solution one part white vinegar and nine parts water.

    Wooden Frames: Use a mixture of dish soap and water to wipe down wooden umbrella frames with a soft bristle brush or cloth. Try not to overwet the surface while rinsing and allow the frame to air dry.

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