WoW Classic Guide: How to Make WoW Classic Gold

  • How do you make quick WOW Classic Gold ? A friend who’s played World of Warcraft with me since the vanilla days is fond of the saying, 'gold is the most common item in the game.They're right, in the sense that nearly every monster drops it and many quests award it. But gold in World of Warcraft Classic, now that's tough to come by. You’ll be seeing rewards in silver and copper that'll cover you in many cases, but rustling up the cash for fancy mounts can be a real challenge. Our World of Warcraft: Classic How-to Make Gold Guide features the best methods for farming and gaining gold in the game! Gold is a lot harder to come by in the old school WoW, and you'll need it for a variety of things to make your life easier when playing.


    In WoW Classic, professions are an integral part of the game and will be important in every phase. While some professions can help to make items that you will use for raiding and PvP, professions are also an excellent way to make gold. If your primary goal is to make gold, some professions are better than others. Below is a tier list for how the different professions rank strictly in terms of making gold.

    S-Tier: Skinning

    A-Tier: Alchemy, Herbalism, Mining

    B-Tier: Leatherworking

    C-Tier: Enchanting, Engineering

    D-Tier: Tailoring, Blacksmithing

    While this tier list should be accurate in general, it is important to note that there are exceptions. Certain Enchanting patterns, Alchemy recipes, and other crafting patterns are very rare and very desirable. If you get lucky and get a rare pattern, such as the pattern for Lionheart Helm from Ragnaros, you can make insane amounts of gold just by nature of being one of the only people able to make that specific item.

    Be Cheap

    This advice is less about making extra Gold and more about hanging on to the Gold you've earned through other methods. It is very easy to overspend in WoW, but there are a few easy ways players can curb some spending and keep their bankroll growing, instead of shrinking.

    Don't Buy Every Skill - For players who weren't around during vanilla WoW, new skills are as expensive as they are exciting. Leveling up and being unable to afford a new skill is something that is definitely going to be an adjustment. This gets a lot less painful when players realize that they don't actually need every skill available to their class while leveling up, Know your class well and plan ahead for which skills you actually want and need.

    Find a Mage - Food and drink can be a necessity in WoW. Save some money to conjure some food and drink for you when group questing or dungeoning together.


    Most people are aggravated by constant ‘blinker staring’, but we’re here to tell you that fishing is worth the while. In higher fishing levels, you can find rare fishes that will fetch a handsome amount at the auction house. Alchemist, for example, need these rare types to make basic materials: Stonescale Eel, Stonescale Oil, Nightfin Soup, and Nightfin Snapper. Chefs also love cooking fish, and besides, you could also east the fish since they are easy to prepare and save the cost of buying food. You can, therefore, fish as a side hustle and find some bales of herbs and materials in the process.

    Tips for selling in Auction House:

    The auction house is the main way to make gold. No it does not provide gold quickly but it does provides a steady stream of gold every day. The auction house is very helpful if you want to save up for something, want to hit the gold cap, or simply have something incredibly valuable in your bags and want to sell it for as much as possible.

    Set a buyout price. You will usually get a better price, and sell more often and more quickly. People shopping at the auction house are typically in a want-it-now situation and do not want to wait for 8+ hours to get it; they tend to buy out auctions instead of bidding and waiting. So set the buyout price as the price you'll expect to get for your item.

    That being said, consider setting a starting bid at substantially lower than the buyout pride. Not so low that you'll be losing money, but low enough to tempt potential buyers who are willing to wait. Remember that once you get a bid on the auction there must be a sale.

    Remember that buyers can't split up stacks, so break up your stacks into convenient sizes. If the item is expensive, and is only used in a few recipes, and only a few are needed, selling in small lots may work better. If, for example, a common recipe uses four of the item, then sell in stacks of four or multiples of four. A stack size of one can be good, because it lets the buyers select as many as they need and not buy excess. But if you expect to sell more than a few of the item then make bigger stacks so buyers don't have to make so many bids. Consider discounting the unit price on large or odd sized stacks to get a faster sale.

    If you have an item which isn't selling well then try lowering the price to increase demand. It's generally better to sell the item for less money, but actually get that money, than to hang on it indefinitely hoping for more.

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