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    The primary cause of Fire in Commercial kitchen is Grease. According to the National Data Fire Center of the U.S.A., 64% of fires in restaurants had occurred when the flame from the cooking process reacted with the grease inside the hood. Thus fire spread to the exhaust duct and from the duct fire can go up to the roof. The consequences and damages after such kinds of fires are more serious and extensive because

    – Grease can burn for a long period

    – Difficulty of fire extinguishing


    The amount of grease outflow in the air depends on kitchen equipment, style of cooking, and type of food. Dirty grease filters and range hoods smell terrible due to proteins that have been burnt and then cooled and re-deposited on surfaces or collected in grease traps. Without a good kitchen hood cleaning service and filter cleaning service, you can get stuck with this smell for the long haul. If it deteriorates enough, your customers can sense your greasy kitchen air and find another place to enjoy the meal.


    Fire safety in commercial kitchens is regulated by local legislation and fire codes. Ensuring your kitchen is code compliant for the health inspection team is essential for running a restaurant business. Dirty kitchen hoods can constitute major code violations.     

    Fire safety in commercial kitchens is regulated by local legislation and fire codes It is necessary for all the restaurant business owners to ensure that their kitchen is code compliant for the health inspection team. 


    Whether it is damage repairing caused due to kitchen fires, fines from failed inspection, or a loss of business due to the bad odor of dirty filters. Greasy and dirty filters will certainly bring down your business. Taking the help of a professional restaurant kitchen cleaning company will help save your business and drive more profit.

    Proper cleaning is the key to keeping your kitchen hoods and grease filters running at full capacity and avoiding hygiene breaches. Here are some simple hood cleaning tips to help you keep your restaurant clean and grease-free.

    Tip 1 # Install duct access doors

    It is known that the inside of air ducts is difficult to access and thus, to keep clean. This is why duct access doors, also known as cleaning doors or panels, need to be installed evenly along the length of the duct. Duct access doors are very easy to install and make it easy to clean, maintain and check your ductwork. Installing hatches makes it easier to remove grease, oil, and grease from the ductwork, which helps to reduce the risk of fire in the ductwork and also helps the ventilation hood perform better. In addition, keeping air ducts clean promotes air circulation and reduces the formation of dust, bacteria, and mold.


     The exhaust fan access panel is similar to the duct access panel. They are yet another easy and easy way to help you properly clean and maintain your commercial kitchen ventilation system. These are also known as exhaust fan access ports. These access points provide easy access to the inside of the fan for cleaning and maintenance. They are quite affordable and easy to install. Once installed, the exhaust fan access port can be used to keep the up blast exhaust fan blades clean and free of grease buildup. This avoids problems related to grease buildups, such as fan blade imbalance, vibration, and excessive fan belt wear.


     Keeping a kitchen exhaust system clean is a task that can easily slip through cracks if you’re not careful. You cannot neglect your system. This can encourage unexpected grease fire and can harm your employees, customers and eventually impact your business.

    Don’t find the fire department, insurance company, or health board threatening to shut you down. Let us include you in our regular care plan. Frees you up so you can focus on what you do best. We will monitor your system, schedule appointments, and politely call you the morning after your service.

    Regular cleaning of the hood on a schedule is not just smart, it is the law. By scheduling regular exhaust cleaning at Under Pressure Inc., By using kitchen hood cleaning service, you can protect yourself from sudden fire inspections, extend the life of your equipment, and improve the air quality in your kitchen.


     Use the most appropriate hood filter, and the correct number of filters will ensure that the hood catches and retains fats, oils, and grease released during cooking. In addition, you also need to be the correct size to cover the entire vent hole.

    Also, do not worry if you check the hood filters that you currently have installed and you notice a bit of extra space that leaves the hood filters not covering the entire hood opening. If you cannot fill the space with an additional filter because the space is too small, this does not mean that you have to buy a completely new hood or buy special-sized filters. You just need to get an exhaust filter gasket and your system will perform much more efficiently and meet the code requirements with very little time and money.

    If the filters are clogged with grease, the flame can intensify and spread. Clean filters allow air to pass through the duct and out of the fan. This keeps smoke and grease-free in the kitchen, providing a safe and clean cooking environment. Clean filters also extend engine life by reducing wear on engine parts. This will avoid untimely downtime and costly repairs.


     This one is the last but not the least, is to install an exhaust fan hinge kit. This will not only help in cleaning the restaurant exhaust hood by making it easier to keep the exhaust fan clean, but it will also make it much safer and protect your roof, fan, and fan base from damage during routine maintenance, cleaning the exhaust hood for commercial purposes. or inspection.

    Hinge kits form a loop between the fan bowl and the fan base. The hinge keeps the exhaust fan locked in the open position so it does not open too far or slam back on people accessing the inside of the fan. Because they allow the fan to be opened while remaining attached to the fan base, the hinge kits also protect the fan components, including the wiring, and the roof itself from damage that can occur if the fan is repeatedly removed from the base and installed on the roof and then back.

    Restaurant hood cleaning service keeps your ventilation system clean and free of excessive grease build-up. This will help your equipment perform optimally and keep you safer as well as in compliance. Hood Cleaners of America provide all such services that can help your equipment perform optimally and keep you in compliance along with all safety measures.

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