Madden 22: Players in 99 Club ahead of Game's Releases

  • The 99 Club is the name given to the prestigious group of players with a 99 overall, the highest possible rating in a Madden video game. EA has begun revealing the members of the 99 Club who will boast a 99 overall when the game launches. Here’s who we have so far:

    Ratings Week could reveal 99 Club

    Ever since Madden 22 was officially announced, we've seen a series of All-Access videos giving fans a closer look at this year's game.

    While others have been either a deep dive into Franchise Mode or Dynamic Gameday, or last week we got a trailer for Face of the Franchise, there's another coming up that fans are watching closely.

    Madden 22 ratings are always one of the most controversial topics heading into each new release, even from those who might not necessarily play the game itself.

    While we don't know for sure if the 99 Club will be part of it, Ratings Week is scheduled for July 26, and we're hoping to find out exactly who the best rated players in Madden 22 will be when that reveal arrives.

    Five players in 99 Club ahead of game’s release

    Throughout the week, we learned which players are considered the NFL’s elite stars heading into the season. Five players made it into the 99 Club for the Madden NFL 22 ratings.

    Starting things off was the Green Bay Packers’ Davante Adams who topped all wide receivers in the game with his 99 rating. Several players including Tyreek Hill of the Chiefs were just a point behind.

    Tuesday brought us a reveal of the best defensive lineman in the game. The Rams’ Aaron Donald was back in the 99 Club for his fifth time, an impressive feat for an NFL player. His teammate Jalen Ramsey joined him in the club on Thursday, making it his first time.

    Two other teammates are in the Madden NFL 22’s 99 Club. One of the cover co-stars, quarterback Patrick Mahomes is back again, as is his teammate, tight end Travis Kelce. As mentioned, Tyreek Hill could potentially join them depending on how everyone fares for the upcoming season.

    Madden NFL 22 Highest-Rated Edge-Rushers:

    Myles Garrett: 98 OVR

    Khalil Mack: 96 OVR

    TJ Watt: 94 OVR

    Chandler Jones: 94 OVR

    JJ Watt: 94 OVR

    Cameron Jordan: 93 OVR

    Von Miller: 93 OVR

    Joey Bosa: 92 OVR

    Nick Bosa: 90 OVR

    Za’Darius Smith: 89 OVR

    That's the latest news of Madden 22 we've know yet, plus other key additions that we’ll reveal as we get deeper into the year for Madden NFL 22 development season. we hope EA Sports will bring more surprises to us in Madden NFL 22. And will still here offer you the Madden 22 coins, so you can MUT 22 Coins for Sale or buy madden coins to help you enjoy a better gaming time!