Madden 22 Awards honor the players used most in the game

  • The Super Bowl looms just over Mut 22 coins the horizon, that means we're closing an NFL season's worth of games as of Madden 22 launched back in August.

    It's unclear exactly what the criteria are they using to define these awards at this point, after they announced the Rookie of the Year. They've continued to highlight some of the Tackles and Interceptions players on Madden 22.

    EA stores data on how players play throughout the year when used for these games and one thing they're able is figure out which NFL players are providing for players.

    We've only seen some hints, and they seem to keep on coming so we may have a full Madden 22 Awards class by the end of the night.

    All Madden 22 Awards Players Lists (so far)

    While there are still more Madden 22 Awards for announcement, we've found out about four of the biggest players getting recognized.

    The first was Micah Parsons, and buy Madden 22 coins he's selected as the Player of the Year in the Madden 22 Awards. While the criteria isn't as specific for this award however, it's an entirely logical choice considering the way Parsons performed on the field this season.