Gf- Machine Detailed Introduction

  •    Vegetable Drying Equipment is a technology that uses the principle of sublimation to dry. It is a process of quickly freezing the dried material at low temperature, and then in a proper vacuum environment, the frozen water molecules are directly sublimated into water vapor escape process. The material is always in a low temperature (frozen state) before drying, and the ice crystals are evenly distributed in the material. The sublimation process does not cause condensation due to dehydration, and avoids side effects such as foam and oxidation caused by water vapor.

        The dry substance is in the form of a dry sponge, with a volume that is basically unchanged, and easily soluble in water to restore its original state. Prevent physical and chemical and biological denaturation of the dried substance to the greatest extent. Freeze dryer is composed of refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system, electrical instrument control system. The main components are drying box, condenser, refrigeration unit, vacuum pump, heating / cooling device, etc. Its working principle is to freeze the articles to be dried below the triple point temperature, and then sublimate the solid water (ice) in the articles directly into water vapor under vacuum, remove them from the articles, and dry the articles.
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