Introduction Of Application Scope Of Freeze Dry Machine

  • Vacuum Freeze Dry Machine is a better way to preserve tissues sensitive to biological characteristics and tissues.  Freeze dryer is suitable for drying bacteria, viruses, plasma, serum, antibodies, vaccines, drugs, microorganisms, yeast, plant extracts for biological research, etc.  Including: for drying and keeping products that are easy to dehydrate, the characteristics of data can be restored again after adding water without affecting the biological activity, etc.

    When dried at a very low temperature, the protein insists on anhydrous, while the quantity of other major chemical bonds insists on constant. After freeze-drying, materials such as tissues, tissue extracts, bacteria, vaccines and plasma become dry, thus no enzymatic, bacterial and chemical changes will occur. Compared with traditional high-temperature drying, traditional drying will cause shrinkage of materials and destroy cells.

    The structure of the sample will not be destroyed during the freeze-drying process because the solid components are supported by the hard ice on its seat.  When the ice sublimates, it leaves pores in the dry residue.  In this way, the biological and chemical structure of the product and the integrity of its activity are preserved.  Freeze-drying technology is widely used, including: laboratory: using freeze-drying method to keep biological specimens, strains, etc.

    In addition, freeze-drying is used to prepare tissue samples for structural studies (e.g. electron microscope studies). Freeze-drying is also used in chemical analysis. It can obtain dried samples or concentrate samples to increase sensitivity to chemical analysis.  In the laboratory, desktop and small dryers are the main types.  Pharmaceutical Industry: Some pharmaceutical factories use freeze-drying to consume antibiotics, vaccines, serum and various biological drugs.  Only large freeze dryers need to be used in consumption.  Vegetable Drying Machine is also widely used in the food industry.