Freeze Dry Machine Fault Adjustment

  • Freeze Dry Machine installation and freeze drying preparation:

    1. The vacuum pump is connected with the main machine by a vacuum pressure-resistant pipe. Standard quick clamps are adopted at both ends. The clamps are equipped with a rubber sealing ring. Before connection, apply a proper amount of vacuum grease on the sealing ring, and then clamp the clamps at both ends tightly.

    2. A "main power" socket is installed above the right side panel of the main machine. One end of the power cord is plugged in and the other end is connected to an electric power source.  A vacuum pump power socket is additionally arranged on the side of the "total power supply", and the vacuum pump power cord can be plugged in.

    3. Please read the "Operating Instructions" of the vacuum pump in detail, check the vacuum pump and confirm that the vacuum pump has been filled with oil. Do not operate without oil. The oil level shall not be lower than the center line of the oil mirror.

    4. The O-ring seal above the cold trap should be kept clean, and a layer of vacuum grease can be evenly coated before use.

    5. Load the material into the material tray, then place the material tray on the pre-freezing rack, place the pre-freezing rack in the cold trap, cover the heat preservation cover, and pre-freeze for ~ hours.

    6. If the capping configuration is selected, inject the material into the vial, put the vial into a cold trap, pre-freeze for ~ hours, and dry the vial in the capping material tray after pre-freezing.

    7. If multi-manifold configuration is selected, inject the material into the selected drying bottle, then put the drying bottle into the cold trap, cover the heat preservation cover, and pre-freeze for ~ hours. If possible, the drying bottle can be pre-frozen while rotating, so that the material can be uniformly frozen on the bottle wall, which is conducive to accelerating drying.

    8. Press and hold the "Total Power" key on the control panel for three seconds to power up the control system. At this time, the temperature window shows the current cold trap coil temperature.  Please check the possible leakage points, valves and relevant sealing rings one by one by exclusion method.

    Freeze dryers are widely used in drug production. However, due to the discontinuity of freeze-drying production process, failure of Vegetable Drying Machine will seriously affect production and bring losses to enterprises.