How to get Mussels or Squid for Turkey Day's Gratin in Animal C

  • Turkey Day's Gratin recipe varies depending on where you live. Animal Crossing's Turkey Day brings the outstanding chef Franklin to your island resort and has the opportunity to turn mussels or squid into a delicious gratin. Find other ingredients needed for Turkish Japanese Baked Roast Chicken on Animal Crossing, and you will get Turkish Japanese-style flooring to decorate your house.

    Because different marine life can be obtained in different seasons. In the northern hemisphere, Franklin would ask for mussels, and in the southern hemisphere, he would ask for squid.

    So how to get mussels in animal crossing

    To get mussels in Animal Crossing, you need to put on a wet suit and dive into the sea to fish. There are many different marine creatures that can be caught. It may take several fishing attempts before you catch a mussel, but the mussels can be identified due to their small shadows and slow movement. You can find Turkish Japanese food including mussels by visiting the residents at home. They will be happy to exchange the fish of their choice with the player, which may be easier to obtain if it turns out that fishing for marine life is difficult.

    How to get squid in animal crossing Mussels were found in animal crossing by diving, and the squid was found by fishing in the sea with a fishing rod. They are relatively common marine creatures, so you can fish without bait. As with mussels, this process may require trial and error, because you may catch other marine life before the squid is found, but you will eventually catch it.

    You can also talk to other residents to make transactions, and they will provide you with all the ingredients for the Turkish festival recipes you need. They will also remind you of secret ingredients you can use to mess with Franklin's recipes.

    Whether you are in the Southern Hemisphere or the Northern Hemisphere, you only need to know that you need to prepare the ingredients for the Turkish festival recipe before Chef Franklin arrives. The easiest way to obtain these ingredients is to buy them directly at ACBellsBuy.

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