The Common Shape Of Enameled Copper Wire Is Round

  • An enameled copper wire has no flux coating, so users should clean it before soldering. This can be achieved by sanding the enameled wire from the wire. The color of most enameled wires is red, green or brown, and the color is only related to the type of coating the wire has. In terms of heat resistance, wire type or intended use, the color of the wire coating is usually meaningless.

    The classification of enameled wire is based on heat or temperature, and the expected life of the wire at a given temperature. Typical temperature ratings are based on a lifetime of 20,000 hours at a given temperature, and have a longer lifetime and can operate at lower heat. Under the same cross-sectional area, the flat wire will not have much larger current than the round wire, if the direct current is so large. It can only be said that the flat wire is larger because it has characteristics such as withstand voltage. The bigger trend is the stronger the frequency skin effect.

    The most common enameled wire is Round Enameled Copper Wire, but rectangular wire is usually used in motors with limited space, which can be wound more closely and the space between the windings is smaller. This makes the most effective use of the available space inside the motor box.