Design Of Encrusting Machine Manufacturer Products

  • There is better trust with quality, and better operation with technology. The company specializes in production. The application value of encrusting machine, innovation and far-reaching, following the reform and opening up, the mechanized society is gradually coming towards us, and we understand Fusion becomes an inseparable part of life. Hanjue Encrusting Machine Manufacturer The encrusting machine is quite automated, just put the reconciled noodles and traps into the machine, the operation is simple, one person can operate, and the encrusting machine is basic Inheriting the process of hand-made buns, the taste and appearance are better than those of hand-made buns. It has great development potential.

      The working principle of the encrusting machine is to roughly feed the mixed noodles and sinks into the machine, and then the machine will roll the noodles into strips according to the user's regulation, and then cut or cut them, so as not to damage the structure of the dough. , High gluten, good taste, and then automatically distribute the noodles and traps according to a certain proportion and shape, and then automatically cut them by the cutter in the machine to become the standard buns, and then send them to the steaming box through the conveyor belt for heating. After 5 minutes of steaming and roasting, it becomes a finished product. The warm buns can be baked, and this is how he works.
      The encrusting machine has a reasonable structure. The forming, filling, noodle and control board are all driven by independent motors, which are not prone to incidents and are easy to maintain and clean. The Protein Bar Extruder does not require high flour quality, occupies less space, is convenient to move, and is suitable Various workplaces. It does not hurt the noodles, guarantees the texture of the buns, and the filling is smooth and uniform. No matter what kind of fillings, the buns can be shaped. Complete performance, super power, endless play.