Professional Introduction Of Cookies Making Machine

  • Although the introduction to Kibbeh Machine is more professional and sounds complicated, the actual Kibbeh Machine structure is very rational and structured. Some of his industrial structure designs are designed to serve people's simple operation, simple and compact structure, easy to use, long service life, low maintenance cost, and no too many complicated procedures. There are many ways to maintain the Kibbeh Machine. Please look down: 1. After use, clean the used Kibbeh Machine: Clean the mixing hook, dividing and mixing tank with a wet towel. After cleaning, there should be no water in the tank. of. Let each of us who operate the Kibbeh Machine be able to make a higher level of dough, so that our food can reach above the line in the nature of pasta, and better prepare for our sweets and pasta.

    I don't know if you want to choose a family or a large electric Kibbeh Machine. There is a big difference between these two methods and speeds, they are not the same. The home-use Kibbeh Machine has a low speed and is suitable for families and pastry shops. The large electric Kibbeh Machine is suitable for large restaurants and pasta companies. If you want to choose and purchase Kibbeh Machine, these can be referred to. When choosing a household Kibbeh Machine, you should pay attention: the products selected by general household appliances are of guaranteed quality, reputable, and good after-sales service. The superior double speed and powerful Kibbeh Machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, stable performance, strong strength, durability, and high efficiency. It uses a high-speed rotating stainless steel cylindrical spiral agitator. The difference between low speed and low speed is the driving force and water absorption. The rate increases. Note that the walls of the family Kibbeh Machine tank are smooth. The smooth inner wall can evenly mix flour and more water. Pay attention to whether it is standard or not when purchasing Kibbeh Machine. Generally, the power of most household Kibbeh Machines is between one hundred and four hundred watts. You can also choose a larger Kibbeh Machine freely according to the population of your home. Also cooling function. When the Kibbeh Machine is running, it will generate a certain amount of heat, so the Kibbeh Machine must have a cooling function, so that it can have a better heat dissipation effect and increase the life of the Kibbeh Machine. The above are the issues you should pay attention to when purchasing Kibbeh Machine.

    Check the parts of the fasteners using Cookies Making Machine, and fasten them if they are loose; 2. The gear meshing area of ​​the machine is lubricated with grease, and it should be painted once every half a month. It should also be painted on the powder metallurgy bearings. The bearings are twice per shift, once A cup of oil from the oil bearing will cause the shaft and the bearing bush to agglomerate. Fourth, check the parts of each part after 30 minutes of running for an empty machine before it can work, so that the integrity of the machine can be determined. 3. The amount of flour added should not exceed the capacity of the face bucket, so as not to burn the motor; 4. If oily dough is found, it should be repaired in time; 5. Replace oil. The machine should be cleaned in time after use, so as not to affect its reuse; 6. When the height of the clean surface water cylinder should not exceed the bottom of the shaft, to prevent water from overflowing from the surface of the barrel or flowing into the side plate powder layer of the well hole, thereby affecting the service life; 7. This machine is a drip-proof device, so water spray is prohibited when cleaning.