ESO Beginners Guide: How to Making ESO Gold 2021

  • Elder Scrolls Online is a large game that has tons of content packed into it. So much so, that it might be overwhelming to new players.Many ESO players feel that making Elder Scrolls Online Gold in the game is a very difficult task. The good news is that making millions of gold pieces in ESO is possible for every player. If you know where to look for valuable items and have a way to check item prices, you can easily tell worthless items apart from items that will make you a ESO gold millionaire.


    The first way to make ESO gold is to complete quests. Quests often give gold as a reward upon completion. Quests will also lead you to enemies which can drop gold – not to mention treasure chests and containers which can be looted for extra cash. If you complete quests regularly you will generate enough gold for your leveling needs and more if you actively pick up items, search containers and attack enemies.

    Daily Crafting Writs

    As you reach level 5 in ESO (ESO = Elder Scrolls Online), you’ll have access to do seven crafting writs, which replenish every single day for elder scrolls gold making. These seven writs are reflective of the 7 disciplines in Elder Scrolls Online (Blacksmithing, Clothier, Woodworking, Alchemy, Enchanting, Provisioning & Jewelry).

    Firstly, you’ll need certification. For all disciplines except jewelry, you can get your certification from any major city. However, for the discipline of jewelry, you’ll need to get your certification from Alinor in Summerset.

    Now, onto the writs themselves! The gold reward per writ scales up from 215 gold at level 6, to approximately 664 gold at level 50 for eso gold farming. Keep in mind however, the items you earn while accomplishing your writs corresponds to the item tier in respect of your current passive crafting skill line. These writs only take a maximum of 15 minutes. Considering that there are seven of them, this can generate nearly 5,000 gold per day, or 35,000 gold per week. Now, if you’ve got multiple characters, you should consider doing the daily writs on each character, which can net nearly 280,000 gold per week – which is incredible!

    In order to maximise the outputs of your crafting writs, we recommend that you pick a few passive skills. First up is Chemistry III (Alchemy), which produces 4 potions or 16 poisons for each crafting attempt. Next, we recommend you get Chef III (Provisioning), which produces 4 food items for each crafting attempt. And finally, we recommend you get Brewer III (Provisioning), which produces 4 drinks per crafting attempt.

    In the event that you complete a daily crafting writ in a skill line that you’ve already earned the maximum rank in, you could receive a wide variety of rewards, such as legendary ingredients, master writs and surveys. The legendary ingredients can be sold for some good money, and the master writs – we’ll get into in a second! The surveys can lead you to rich resource nodes, which we’ve covered previously.

    As aforementioned, an added benefit to doing your daily crafting writs is the possibility of getting master writs for eso gold farming. If you’re not familiar with master writs, they are writs that request a special item from you, and in return they give you writ vouchers. These writ vouchers are a form of currency which can allow players to purchase different items from vendors. Though you have to be quite high leveled to get master writs, it’s worth it, as these master writs can sell for thousands of gold per writ voucher.

    Ready to get started doing your daily crafting writs? You should always start your crafting writs at a city where it’s easy to travel and work through. For example, you’ll need a city where writ boards and crafting stations are close together, so that you’re as efficient as possible. From our findings, three cities fit these criteria: Rawl’kha, Stormhold and Vivec City.

    Farming Chests

    The farm chests offer the best ways of farming these kits and providing additional supplies and gold. You can only display the chests on the map using the Harvest Map Addon and filter the map to only run from chest to chest.

    Dungeons Farming To Farm ESO Gold

    Running dungeons is a popular way to make ESO gold, so you get XP and other items.

    Here are good dungeons for gold: Any veteran, the Dungeon. Manse at Reaper’s March, Crimson Cove at Malabar Tor and the Razak’s Wheel of Bangkorai, and the MOTIF FARMING FOR gold.


    Thieving is another fun, but risky, method of making some gold in ESO, especially for people who enjoy the role-playing aspect of RPGs. It's also a great activity if you need a break from grinding, but still want to make earn some money. The first way to do that would be to pickpocket from NPCs. To do that you have to crouch and sneak behind them until you get really close. Always pay attention to the stealth signal, it indicates the possible presence of witnesses and a possibility to get caught red-handed. Then you have to wait for pickpocket percentage to get to the highest possible value and take what’s yours (well, now it is). If you're lucky and manage to steal a valuable motif, you can make a lot of gold in a short time. Opening chests, containers and boxes can often be worth your while.

    Remember that when you’re crouching, you’re running out of stamina, so make sure you have enough of it before you engage in mischievous deeds. The less risky and arguably less fun way of stealing in ESO would be burglary and lockpicking. If you want to make thievery one of your main sources of income, make sure to invest a lot of points in the Legerdemain skill line. You might also want to complete some quests for the Thieves Guild. If you're more interesting into assassinating people you can always do the Dark Brotherhood quests, but it's not going to give you as much gold in the long run.

    Public Dungeons

    Public dungeons are usually more difficult than the ordinary open world because there are more enemies, especially more dangerous enemies.

    At a lower level, it is recommended to run with a group to help maintain life. There are two points to keep in mind in this method. The first is to ensure that the repair kit is kept in inventory because the gears will be damaged. Second, this is the key time for the businessman assistant or someone in the team mentioned at the beginning of the article to own it.

    The inventory will quickly fill up and players will have to sell often. It is more convenient for merchants than having to leave the dungeon and sell it every 20 minutes. However, doing so can earn a net 20,000-30,000 gold per hour.

    The Justice System

    The Justice System is a new way to earn good gold in ESO! You can now, as of Patch 1.6.5, steal from houses and containers and pickpocket the citizens of Tamriel. Stealing and pickpocketing will give you a chance to find different owned items which you can then sell to a Fence for a profit. The items that you can steal vary in quality with base quality items selling for around 50 gold and blue and purple items selling for 300 to 600 gold! You can also find these items by murdering people and looting their corpses.

    Be cautious, however, as you will accrue a Bounty from illicit activity and if you are caught by a guard you will be forced to pay your Bounty AND the guard will take your stolen items. If you want to keep a stolen item you can pay a Fence to launder it for you.

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