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    May 7, 2023 11:04 PM EDT

    Two-Color Injection Molding Technology Dongguan Summit Was Successfully Held

    The sixth two-color plastic moulding forum was successfully held after more than a year. The co-organizer of this summit, Suxiang Moulding Education, gave all-round support; the Fok Yingdong Research Institute of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Guangzhou, in addition to supporting multiple forums, also came to the summit this time. The sponsor of the fourth forum - Dongguan Jinpan Mould Parts, also participated in the host of the conference.To get more news about 2k mold, you can visit official website.

    Topics: 9 lectures on 2K mold injection molding, 1 lecture on plastic molding company management, and 1 lecture on intelligent intelligent manufacturing software.

    Purchasing resource docking: A listed company's Two Component molding injection procurement has carried out project docking with sponsors, two-color bottle cap mold procurement, two-color product material procurement, and software procurement.

    New technology display: three-color button, two-color electric toothbrush, impeller mold with 100,000 revolutions, optical lens, two-color liquid silicone non-stick mold technology, new material, screw cleaning material, etc.

    Classic quotes from this forum:

    The host of this forum, Mr. Jiang, Dongguan Qinke, is meticulous (0.01 mm). For liquid silicone, it is outdated and must be 1 m (0.001 mm) meticulous! European and American plastic mold factory, some of the mold accuracy has reached a few tenths of a millimetre (0.001 mm).
    Jingmu participated in this lecture and displayed some products of injection moulding manufactured by the company at the venue, including double colour injection products, electrical plastic mold manufacturing, impeller injection molding, auto parts injection mold, agricultural production injection molding, precision injection molding, etc. The general manager of Jingmu explained to customers and answered their questions.