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    May 7, 2023 11:21 PM EDT


    Double-Shot Injection Molding uses plastic polymers to mold plastic parts with multiple colors, materials or components with complex designs in one mold and machine. Double-Shot injection molding allows versatility, is simpler and more cost effective in comparison to other processes.To get more news about 2k injection molding, you can visit official website.

    Double-Shot Injection Molding requires attention that strengthen of joint is one of critical issue to be considered.

    FORESHOT could use this technology to shorten the cycle time, assembly cost, human resource and turnover rate.

    Double-Shot Injection Molding apply in keyboard、Computer / Communication / Consumer Electronics、Electronic Components、Precision Components and Vehicle Accessories etc.The Double-Shot Injection Molding process has two material tubes, which can respectively emit plastic materials of different materials. First, the mold is closed, and a material is injected into the first set mold by the first nozzle, and the obtained semi-finished product is cooled and opened.

    Then the plastic injection molding machine rotates the first set of molds to the position of the second set of nozzles, and then closes the mold with the fixed side of the second set of molds, and the second set of molds rotates to the position of the first set of nozzles.

    And then closing the mold with the fixed side of the first set of molds, the first shot and the second shot simultaneously close the mold and open the mold, and then use a second set of nozzles to inject a colored material into the second set of molds, After the product is cooled and molded, the product is obtained by two-color molding, and then the product is taken out, as shown in the following picture.