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Why we love our coding & robotics tools

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    June 1, 2023 2:27 AM EDT

    Why we love our coding & robotics tools

    According to, the majority of Americans want schools to teach computer science, but only 35 percent of high schools teach it. And even though 15 states have adopted a policy to give all high school students access to computer science courses, universities prepare way fewer computer science teachers than we need. It’s more abysmal in the younger grades, with only six states giving all K-12 students access.Get more news about Coding Robot Agency,you can vist our website!

    For teachers who would like to bring computer science into their classrooms, there are several great resources to assist.’s free online courses teach programming languages or how to create games, apps, and websites. The site also features a database of in-person programming classes and opportunities.

    If you’d rather just jump right in, here are some teacher-recommended programs and products that will get your students coding in no time.

    Coding and robotics programs
    “Money, time, and skill are the obstacles teachers jump through to use new classroom tools. KinderLab’s KIBO robot not only brings coding to life—it inspires creativity in a hands-on, playful way that doesn’t involve screens. KIBO is reasonably priced, user friendly, and doesn’t require a manual or IT support. Its versatility across STEAM subjects makes it a valuable piece of educational machinery.”
    —Katie Blagden, K-4 STEAM educator and coach, Ayers Ryal Side Elementary School, Beverly, Mass.

    “There is instant gratification when making with littleBits. I introduce my students to how they work and what the colors mean, demonstrate how they snap together, then let them start creating. As a result, the kids are more confident and creative; they are much more independent with their projects and their ideas.”
    Our robot, Milo, has been a great addition to our school team. The students are eager to and enjoy working with Milo. They especially love dancing with him. As we work through the robots4autism modules and are learning the curriculum, we have been able to target specific skills for specific students and have been able to generalize skills easily, thanks to all the supporting activities the program provides. Milo has also provided us a common language to use with students that we are starting to use throughout the school.”
    —Anne Marie Kroker, educator, learning support services, Abbotsford School District, Canada

    “We’re using CoderZ by Intelitek, a platform that is completely online with virtual robot simulations, thus reducing the need for robotics kits and pieces. This has helped us cut equipment expenses to a minimum and, even better, our teachers need no specialized training to teach robotics classes, which cuts the costs even more. This is particularly beneficial for districts that have been unable to establish or expand their own robotics programs.”