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eBay International Shipping: Simplifying Global Sales

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    June 2, 2024 10:52 PM EDT

    eBay International Shipping: Simplifying Global Sales
    eBay International Shipping is a program designed to help eligible US sellers reach buyers in over 200 countries without the hassle of managing overseas shipping, customs, or returns1. Let’s dive into the details:Get more news about expedited international shipping ebay,you can vist our website!

    How It Works
    Eligibility: To participate, sellers must meet certain criteria, including being an Above Standard or Top Rated seller, having an eBay account registered in the US, and complying with eBay rules and policies.
    Opt-In: Eligible sellers are automatically opted into the program. eBay International Shipping becomes the default international shipping option for listings without other international services.
    Shipping Hub: When an item sells to an international buyer, the seller receives the domestic shipping hub address. The seller then sends the sold items to this hub.
    Managed Process: eBay handles international shipping, customs, and returns on behalf of the seller. Sellers are protected from various issues, including refund obligations, negative feedback related to shipping, and chargebacks.
    Global Reach: Items become available to buyers in over 200 countries.
    Reduced Fees: Sellers save on international transaction fees.
    Seller Protections: eBay provides protections against item not received claims and chargebacks once the item is accepted at the domestic hub.
    eBay International Shipping streamlines the global selling process, allowing sellers to focus on their core business activities. If you’re an eligible US seller, consider leveraging this program to expand your reach and simplify international sales.