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Disposable Hemostatic Agents Market Regional Trends

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    August 16, 2022 10:05 PM EDT

    Hemostatic agents are used to reducing the bleeding from a body vessel. In the field of hemostatic agents, disposable hemostatic agents are emerging technology. Disposable hemostatic agents have a vital role in improving hemostasis by enhancing fibrin formation. Especially in endoscopic procedures, disposable hemostatic agents are increasingly used. Disposable hemostatic agents have various applications in a number of treatments. The Disposable Hemostatic Agents Market is estimated to grow at the rate of 5.3% CAGR by 2031.To get more news about IFAK kits, you can visit official website.

    There is a high chance of hemorrhage, increasing the demand for disposable hemostatic agents, and the rising importance of blood management is projected to drive the global market. In addition, innovations such as robot-assisted surgery in surgical procedures and the increasing elderly population are likely to fuel the demand for disposable hemostatic agents. However, the high costs incurred in the surgical procedures and lack of reimbursements for surgical products may restrict the market growth.


    The product type includes thrombin-based hemostatics, gelatin-based hemostatics, collagen-based hemostatics, oxidized regenerated cellulose-based hemostatics, combination hemostatics, fibrin sealants, and others. The thrombin-based hemostatics are having the greatest share in the market since thrombin-based hemostatics have an extensive range of benefits compared to other hemostatics.

    The applications of the disposable hemostatic agents are orthopedic, general, neurological, cardiovascular, digestive, and other. Among them, disposable hemostatic agents are majorly applicable in cardiovascular surgery. The cardiovascular surgery segment leads the market due to increased cardiovascular problems due to shifts in public and food habits, fueling the segment's growth.

    Based on the end-users, the disposable hemostatic agents market is divided into ambulatory surgical centers, specialty clinics, and hospitals. The hospital's segment holds a significant share of the market. This is due to the increasing number of hospitals well equipped with advanced technology and the increasing number of patients visiting hospitals for different surgeries, boosting the market growth in this segment.

    In terms of the geographical market of disposable hemostatic agents, the North American region substantially contributes to market share growth. The factors such as the robust surgical procedure volumes lead to the surging demand for disposable hemostatic agents. Moreover, the well-advanced hospital facilities with high adoption of technologically advanced products are also responsible for the market growth in the region.

    A few factors that are expected to compel the global market growth for disposable hemostatic agents are the growth in the number of surgical procedures performed globally and the rising population of elderly patients. Since the wounds and injuries of elderly patients take a lot of time to heal, the requirement for proper care and bleeding management systems is essential, carried out by disposable hemostatic agents.
    Henceforth, surgeons consider the disposable hemostatic agents are of critical importance during all surgical procedures. A key priority of perfect surgical technique is curbing blood loss, and nowadays, surgeons have a wide variety of agents to assist the surgeons in this attempt.

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