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Where should I position my lights for streaming?

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    August 16, 2022 11:14 PM EDT

    Where should I position my lights for streaming?

    Using a three-point light kit, position the main light across the subject to illuminate. Next, position the fill light across the other end of the subject to balance the light from the main light and position the third, backlight behind the subject to separate them from the background. See where each light goes in this short video.To get more news about39bet-xổ số hôm nay-kèo cá cược-lego-cò quay-blackjack, you can visit official website.

    Accessories for live streaming
    As for the bits and bobs for the perfect setup, here’s a quick list:

    A green screen (chroma key) for changing your background
    A tripod stand for holding your video camera
    A microphone arm where the audio source rests (unless you’re using a clip on mic)
    Let’s talk about encoders. To share your stream with the world, you’ll need an encoder.

    An encoder is a device that converts video files from one format to another. Put another way, it takes the raw feed from a camera and transfers it into viewable content in your main live streaming station.There are two types of encoders at your disposal: hardware encoders and software encoders.Here’s a quick rundown of hardware encoders and software encoders.

    Hardware encoders

    Specially designed for live streaming. They free up your computer for other tasks.
    Does not require a capture card.
    Less affordable and difficult to upgrade.
    Because hardware encoders free up your computer for focusing on other tasks, these are great for more professional broadcasts and live streaming gamers. This way, the PC can focus on the game while the encoder works in the background.Last on this list of live streaming equipment is a switcher. Like an encoder, you may or may not need it. It all comes down to your requirements.

    Essentially, a switcher helps switch between different video and audio sources, production elements, and control graphics.

    So if you’re using two or more cameras for live streaming or want to show graphics/presentations between your live stream, you’ll need a switcher to capture the additional feeds for you.

    If you’re a Vimeo Enterprise user (or plan to be one soon!) you’ll get Livestream Studio with your package. Not only does it handle a software encoder’s job, but it also plays the switcher’s role.