Plastic Stool Mould Supplier

  • SHINE MOULD insists on improving the independent innovation ability of injection molds in mold process research and development, technology, and management to improve the company's competitiveness. Up to now, SHINE MOULD has obtained a number of patents in Stool Mould design, mold structure manufacturing, plastic parts invention, plastic part function improvement, and new inventions in the plastic field, making it a leader in the injection mold industry.

    SHINE MOLD was established in 1996 and has always adhered to the brand globalization strategy until today. With years of dedication, we are committed to integrate plastic mold OEM solutions, and still maintain its original spirit, focusing on the development and innovation of injection molds. So far, SHINE MOLD has established its own plastic industry technology research and development center, including the complete aspects from parts to mold design, testing, molding, and quality control. The purpose is to provide customers with the best plastic injection molds. Therefore, SHINE MOLD attaches great importance to customer needs and is committed to manufacturing high-quality molds through advanced technology, first-class management, and good corporate culture.

    With the continuous development of the mold industry, the demand and requirements for molds are gradually increasing. In order to meet customer needs, SHINE MOLD updated the strategic planning and business strategy for the design and production of injection molds, including:

    -Establish a professional R&D team to study new materials and new injection molding processes.

    -According to the development trend of the mold market, Cigna will increase its investment in research and development.

    -Improve service capabilities and customer satisfaction by establishing a global service center.

    SHINE MOLD is improving itself to provide cost-effective and accurate mold design, consulting, and manufacturing. For more detailed information about SHINE MOLD special support, please contact us immediately. Talk to us about your needs for injection Pitcher Mould. SHINE MOLD Innovation will provide you with customized injection mold services with quality mold solutions.