Features Of High-Quality Bucket Mould

  • Learning the basic characteristics of Bucket Mould is a good starting point for your plastic paint bucket injection molding business, so as to create a more competitive high-quality plastic paint bucket. Therefore, if you do not understand or do not intend to conduct market research on plastic paint buckets, then you have come to the right place! Check the following basic specifications and performance of plastic drums, and then learn more.

    Due to different market requirements, there are many types of plastic barrels, including various shapes and sizes of materials.

    The basic characteristics of plastic paint buckets are as follows:

     1. Slight smell-recycled materials

    When other properties are good, paint packaging barrels made of recycled materials are usually okay for users. But it is still important to find more decisions about whether to use recycled materials.

    2. Reaction to chemical substances-thermoplastics

    Since paint buckets can be made of different materials with additives, as well as paint, plastics can react with special paints. Therefore, you can help customers test possible reactions or use them as precautions to avoid disputes.

    3. Storage requirements-UV protection

    To prevent UV radiation from damaging plastic drums, they should be stored indoors or covered with UV-resistant plastic waterproof cloth.

    4. Storage requirements-dry and constant temperature

    Plastic paint buckets should be stored in a dry, clean and cool room. Otherwise, even if antistatic agents are added to some paint buckets, dust and dirt pollution cannot be avoided.

    5. Fill-paint temperature

    Pay attention to the available filling temperature of the paint bucket. This will help you make the paint bucket more distinctive.

    6. Load capacity-static and dynamic load

    Pay attention to the static and dynamic loads allowed for filling, storage, and transportation. Moreover, if your paint bucket can be lighter under the same load capacity, it will be one of your biggest competitiveness.

    Therefore, if you want to make a competitive plastic paint bucket or Drawer Mould, do a good job in the basic specifications and highlight the superior performance. We are happy to provide you with the best design and the entire plastic injection molding solution.