Technical Points Of Package Mould

  • How to make high-quality plastic Package Mould? To produce high-quality packaging molds, you must understand the following packaging mold technology and quality points: long life, high-speed injection, and good exhaust system in the handle of the packaging mold. Key points of packaging mold technology:

    The first step is to select the appropriate steel for the mold base and cavity. For example: To produce one to four packaging molds, the mold base must use pre-hardened steel with a hardness higher than 33, and then select appropriate standard mold parts. Second, the hardness of each steel must be controlled, not too hard. Then, the friction and guide parts of the packaging mold must be completed, and no manual operations can be performed. Finally, some mold companies will use recycled materials for mold injection. At this time, we must consider the following two points: 1. How to ensure that small impurities in the plastic will not damage the core and cavity; 2. How to prevent impurities from entering the cavity.

    A good plastic filling system requires a special hot runner system to assist molding, because the production of high-quality green bodies requires a low melt index of the HDPE material, such as a melt index of 4 or 6, and so on.

    Ensure that the cooling system operates optimally. In order to produce high-quality packaging molds, the cooling water path design on the largest molding surface of the mold must be optimized.

    When selecting a high-speed injection molding machine, the rotation speed (RPM) of the injection screw must be greater than 350. Most packaging manufacturers in the world use accumulators to increase melt injection speed.

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