How To Make Industrial Dustbin Mould

  • The technical characteristics of our SHINE MOULD manufacturing industrial Dustbin Mould are as follows:

    1. The design team has nearly 20 years of rich design experience and can design suitable trash bins according to customer requirements.
    2. The core and cavity of the mold should consider 1.2344 + beryllium copper alloy. We not only need to ensure product quality and mold quality, but also need to save costs for customers. When beryllium copper is used for production, the cooling time and material waste will be shortened, and the output can be increased by 30%-40%
    3. According to customer requirements, we can recommend customers to use hot runner system to make the product look more beautiful.
    4. Cavity core steel material: We will choose the steel suitable for your trash can according to your requirements. From the three-dimensional drawing of the mold to the first mold test and quality control, our company has very strict analysis. 5. Equipped with the best cooling system to shorten the production cycle, such as the 120L trash can industry, it can be completed in 60 to 70 seconds.

    SHINE MOULD is determined to become the world's largest supplier of plastic trash can moulds and Crate Mould in China. Welcome to our company for further understanding. We are confident that you will return with satisfaction.