Crate Mould Processing Must Be Accurate

  • In order to ensure the long-term quality of plastic crates, the machining process of the Crate Mould must be precise. Just like the moving parts of the crate mold used in the handle area and the inner holes that contact fruits or vegetables, if you do not operate properly, you will find that these areas will be rough for the user after a few months, and even Reduce functionality. In addition, all molds that require high-speed operation are based on precision machining.

    A good hot runner system is one of the key points for molding high-quality plastic crates. As we all know, durable and strong crates usually use low MFI (4 or even 6) materials, and hot runner systems require higher requirements.

    Sometimes, if it is a disposable crate, you can choose to recycle materials to reduce costs for manufacturers and users. Therefore, for this reason, the design of the hot runner system will also be different to prevent small iron pieces and pebbles from damaging the cavity and core.

    For crate molds, the exhaust solution for parts in the pull area is very important, because the handle area will become the largest concentration force when the crate is loaded and the person is moving the crate. If the ventilation of these areas is not perfect, There will be very obvious bonding lines. And further damage always comes from this line.

    Now you have mastered the essentials of inspecting high-quality plastic crate molds. If you have any crate projects to start or Dustbin Mould, please contact us immediately to get an effective mold solution or a complete molding solution.