Some Flower Pots Are Polished, Some Are Textured

  •   Flower pots, flower pots, planters or flower pots are containers used to grow and display flowers and other plants. Historically speaking, to a large extent to this day, they are all made of terracotta warriors. Nowadays, flower pots and Bucket Mould are also usually made of plastic, metal, wood, stone or sometimes biodegradable materials.


      Ideally, the pot should have holes so that excess water can drain. You can drill holes in the bottom of the plastic basin. The hole can drain excess water to prevent stagnation and decay. In addition, factories can discharge excess chemicals through drainage. If there is no hole in the pot, please drill one at the bottom.

      If there are no holes, the excess water will fall on the bottom of the pot. Most plants cannot tolerate moist soil because it can cause root rot and reduce plant stability.

      Most Flower Pot Moulds are very easy on the mould structure. Some flower pots are polished and some are textured.

      Customers will use different plastic materials to make different flower pots. PP, PE, ABS, and melamine resin are all common.