few Elden Ring Runes Tarnished could

  • the Elden Ring from the scattered Runes. Once back in the Land Between, few Elden Ring Runes Tarnished could perceive the Grace. Those that proved their worth were brought to the Roundtable Hold, but some were called upon by another being. Two-finger Maidens would pick a select few Tarnished to give guidance to in hopes that the Tarnished would become Elden Lord.

    Not all those Tarnished that returned to the Lands Between could keep the hope alive. They LOLGA.COM would succumb to becoming Bloody Fingers. These fallen Tarnished were corrupted by cessblood, and now they hunt their fellow Tarnished for fun. Delighting in the blood, they spill. They can no longer be brought back to the side of Grace, and Tarnished must end them or be ended by them.