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  • NER stands for National Engineering Register, it is basically a framework developed by the Engineers Australia authority that helps in getting the best of engineers the recognition it deserves. The motto of the NER is to link the best employers to the best engineers so that they can serve the company efficiently without any kind of difficulty whatsoever. Those who are registered with the National Engineering Register depict professionalism, trust, and excellent skills. Hence, this shows the significance of being registered in this framework and how it is going to boost your career ahead. So, if you are pondering over getting yourself registered in the respective framework then it is important that you understand how to frame a Work Experience Statement For NER Australia perfectly.

    National Engineering Register (NER) Assessment

    When it comes to framing the NER work experience statement, you must have a complete understanding of the rules and procedures stated by EA authorities. But, not many applicants have the required understanding and knowledge so, it gets difficult for them to get going. However, CDRAustralia.Org comes with work statement writing services to facilitate the applicants in achieving their targets. We ensure candidates' registration onto the NER framework by providing reliable and high-quality services.

    Who can register on the NER?

    1. The members of Engineers Australia in each occupational category such as professional engineer, engineering technologist, and engineering associate, who have five years of relevant engineering experience in the past seven years.
    2. Non-members of Engineers Australia who have five years of relevant engineering industry experience in the previous seven years in the areas of practice.
    3. Chartered members of Engineers Australia in each occupation like a professional engineer, engineering technologist, and engineering associate.

    How do you get registered on NER? Avail Professionals At CDRAustralia.Org

    Registrants on the NER need to meet the eligibility criteria by attesting to the facts that they have:

    • A recognized qualification
    • Relevant professional practice
    • A currency of continuing professional development (CPD)
    • The benefits of Professional Indemnity Insurance
    • A commitment to ethical practice

    Tips for NER Work Experience Statement writing—For 100% successful NER Assessment - Ask An Expert Help

    • You must share the details of the project you undertook while working and what were the outputs of that project and precisely discuss your contribution to it.
    • You also include the problems that you have faced while providing the services and how you overcame them and share the opportunities that came along and you responded to them.
    • Include the steps that you take to get effective work into implementation and contribute to the company successfully.
    • You must mention the skills that you have to tackle different and odd situations.
    • You must share the professional recommendation details which will be more convincing for the assessing authorities to take your application ahead.
    • Mention and describe the engineering area of services so that the authorities can be clear about the type of services you have provided so, the authorities can take your application ahead to get your name to be registered in the respective framework.

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