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  • Are you looking for commitment statement samples for skilled migrants to Australian territory? Millions of aspirants are struggling to get an Australian visa, whether they want to migrate for job opportunities or permanent residency. They may face complexities because they do not have sufficient knowledge about visa options and how to write a commitment statement for skilled migrants. A commitment letter is a means by which you state to an Australian government, why you want to apply under this category. In your commitment letter, you should prove your strong and positive intention related to migration. The skilled nominated (190) visa allows workers having skills to migrate to Australia on a permanent basis. To apply for this visa, you must have to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest). If you get selected, then ITA (Invitation to apply) will be received.

    Once you get ITA within 60 days, you need to apply for a work permit visa. The individuals who have applied for the skilled nominated visa can avail of all the facilities in Australia related to health, social benefits can apply for citizenship, and get permanent residence for their family members too. We at CDRAustralia.Org provide you all a complete guidance on writing Commitment Statement Australia Skilled Migrants. We are popularly known for providing the most trusted and satisfactory services. 

    Things That You Need To Keep In Mind About Commitment Statements

    Prior to writing a commitment statement, you need to search for certain things in the cities and regions to live in including:

    You need to search for job opportunities as per your previous experience and study. Because in some professions, there may be fewer positions available depending on the positions and market demand. 

    • Health and medical facilities 
    • Working and living environment 
    • Study/ schooling facilities 
    • Cost of living 
    • Lifestyle 
    • Services 
    • Other related facts about your circumstances 


    How To Write A Commitment Statement Letter For Skilled Migrants?

    You should write your commitment statement for skilled migrants in your own words that describe your personal reasons for seeking to relocate to your chosen area and to continue living in Australia. You should provide:

    • Your chosen region or city; 
    • Why do you aspire to locate in that area; 
    • Everything about research, study, job, and community engagement;
    • As a reference, comment below briefly in fewer than two lines. Also, note that there is no certain framework for writing a declaration of commitment. 


    Your commitment statement should not be more than two pages in length. In the commitment statement for skilled migrants, you should specify in which of the Australian city residence criteria family member of the 'skilled person' lives. Here all the descriptions of your lifestyle and employment are to be determined. You should always avoid copying and pasting content from other sources. 

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