What Is The Production Standard Of Food Packaging Bottle

  • The manufacturer of the Food Packaging Bottle explained the production standards of plastic bottles. In recent years, my country's plastic bottle packaging industry has developed rapidly. Plastic food packaging bottles have the characteristics of light weight, no damage, health, etc., and have special requirements for food packaging.

    There are two types of plastic bottles: high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC) and polyester (PET). Air tightness and moisture permeability play a vital role in the stability of charging. Quality standards for plastic food packaging bottles. Perform product quality analysis according to the manufacturer's product quality standards to determine whether it meets the needs. Plastic food bottle companies should formulate corporate standards higher than national standards, while industry standards are more stringent. Select the main raw materials of plastic bottles and add formulas: The product standards for solid plastic bottles are the applicable regulations for the main raw materials, which must comply with regulations such as non-toxic and non-odor.

    Plastic bottles have stability and compatibility. When using plastic bottles, especially when using new plastic bottles (or new materials, new processes) for food, an advanced food test should be carried out to check the stability of the plastic bottle and the charge for compatibility with food. The edible plastic bottle can be determined by scientific tests for interpenetration, dissolution, adsorption, chemical reaction and denaturation.

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