PET Honey Bottles Are Better Than Commom Honey Bottles

  • Have you considered PET Honey Bottles?

    Honey is a very favorite food, taste sweet and delicious, usually see honey packaging are mostly glass bottles, in fact, plastic bottles in life is also very widely used, that plastic bottles containing honey safe?

    Food in plastic bottles of honey is OK. Many people are not clear about the container for honey, the following field bees to introduce you. Containers containing honey will also affect the quality of honey, honey is an acid viscous liquid, for some metal containers will have a certain corrosion effect, in order to avoid honey contamination, therefore, Do not use non-food paint metal containers for long-term honey, need to use glass bottles, food plastic bottles and other containers.

    Plastic bottles also have a lot of classification, we must use food plastic bottles to hold. In addition, there are many requirements for containers containing honey. Honey has strong water absorption and odour absorption characteristics, must be sealed and preserved, so the container should be better airtight, containers should not have water and odour, honey containers, before the honey to clean, Dry and then fill with honey to avoid honey water fermentation deterioration or string taste difficult to eat.

    Juice and honey, to choose edible grade plastic, this is responsible to the buyer, but also responsible for their own. Small Plastic Juice Bottles may be exactly what you need now.