Do You Know The Advantage Of Plastic Beverage Bottle?

  • Beverage bottles generally have two materials, plastic Beverage Bottle and glass beverage bottles.

    The blow molding process of beverage plastic bottles is a two-way stretching process. In this process, the PET chains are extended, oriented and arranged in two directions, thereby increasing the mechanical properties of the bottle wall and improving the tensile, tensile and impact strength. , And has very good air tightness.

    Beverage plastic bottles should not be heated for drinking. "The reason why I buy heated drinks is because my stomach is not good. You can warm your stomach and your hands." Ms. Yang, who just chose a bottle of heated milk tea, said that the vendor thought it very carefully. It was so cold. Walking outside, I'm still willing to buy some warm ones.

    In this regard, relevant experts said that the number "1" in the triangle at the bottom of the common plastic bottles such as mineral water, milk tea, and carbonated beverages on the market represents PET, and the plastic bottles marked with "1" can withstand high temperatures at 65 It is safe to use at low temperatures around degrees Celsius and is not suitable for repeated heating. If heated or even boiled, PET will release a toxic substance DEHP when heated, which will endanger human health.

    Similarly, if the Plastic Cosmetic Bottles is made of PET, it cannot be heated. Because cosmetics are not used for heating, there are fewer people concerned. In fact, plastic products should be avoided when it is not clear whether they can be heated for use.