Home Tips That Can Be Done With The Old 250ml Plastic Lotion Bo


    Most 250ml Plastic Lotion Bottle are designed for regular use. The plastic is usually very strong and can handle extrusion without cracking or denting. If you have ever used a whole bottle of baby lotion, you may have noticed that it has hardly any wear.
    These amazing ideas use plastic lotion bottles of various shapes and sizes. Your problem can provide creative solutions without any cost. Just save your bottle and try these bottle cracking methods at home!

    1. Extend the tap (a crazy house)
    Even with a step stool, it is often difficult for children to wander around a short bathroom faucet. The idea is to use a pair of scissors to shape the lotion bottle into a faucet extender. It makes brushing teeth and washing hands easier!

    2. Hang a sink stroller (making a green world)
    This conversion can reduce the number of lotion bottles, thereby creating a hanging sponge tank for your kitchen. You can usually use acetone nail polish remover to remove ink prints from lotion bottles. Wash and start crafting. The key to making this sponge holder is to poke holes at the bottom for drainage.

    Create a green world
    3. Tap
    The lotion tube of the 250ml Plastic Lotion Bottle is usually soft enough to bend into interesting shapes. This convenient pocket can be closed quickly. You only need to cut off the shape, and then use the snap tool to fix the heavy-duty snap to the plastic. You can use it to fix almost everything-from first aid supplies to DIY sewing kits.

    4. Make a vase
    This cheerful vase is very friendly to children and animals. Refined from a plastic bottle, it can be beaten without breaking. Scalloped edges add a vintage touch to this relaxed top. Before cutting, draw the shape with a pencil. A quick rinse with rubbing alcohol will remove the remaining lotion.
    5. Create a phone holder
    You will never know that this phone holder started with a lotion bottle. It is the ideal size to hold the phone while charging, keeping your counter clear. By using Mod Podge to adhere the fabric and give it a good coating, you can transform it from a bottle into a beautiful one.

    6. Make a huge pen holder
    These interesting pen holders are perfect for classrooms, children's desks or your craft room. Some basic handicrafts can turn lotion and shampoo bottles into less scary monsters. The key to keeping the edges smooth is to use some fine sandpaper for cleaning. Let your kids help create their own monster gang!