Decoration PET Candy Bottles


    Every child wants more candies on Halloween, so for some adults, having somePET Candy Bottles with Halloween decorations at home is more in line with the festive atmosphere of Halloween.
    PET Candy Bottles
    Orange, green ribbon
    Bolt/glue (optional)
    Step 1. This project is so simple, you don't even need a tutorial! Essentially, all you have to do is to draw the surface of the bottle on the back of the vinyl sheet and paste them in the proper place in the center of the bottle. It's so easy, right?

    Step 2. Cut a 2-inch black vinyl tape to make it look like Frankenstein’s jagged hair and stick it to the bottle. Add eyes, mouth, scars and eyebrows to complete the look!
    Step 3. The final step is to fix the bolts on Frankenstein’s face with some glue. If you are worried that the bolt will stay in place, feel free to use a stronger adhesive.

    Step 4. Only three small vinyl stickers are needed to make Jack-o-lantern bottles even easier!
    Step 5. In the appropriate position of the vinyl veneer, just fill in the color matching on each bottle.

    Step 6. Add a cute bow at the top, and your Halloween gift candy bottle can bring a special ghoul to your life!

    How cute and easy are these bottles to make? Of course, you don't have to fill them with Sixlets like I did. They look cute and are filled with colored sand only for display purposes. Or fill them with children's juices of appropriate colors or alcoholic beverages for adults only? There are many different ways to enjoy these!

    Easy Halloween Gift Candy Bottle-Complete! Easy Halloween gift candy bottle-prepare gifts!