One of the rarest OSRS Items for RuneScape 20th Anniversary - P


    In January 2022, players must remember the new version of PartyHat, which was originally a unique item in the Christmas event in 2001. In The Golden Party Hat Hunt mission, there are red, yellow, green, blue, purple Or available in white, it will allow players to unlock a metallic sheen of the highly sought-after cosmetic.

    Since the Party Hats were initially only available in limited quantities for a short time and have since been discontinued, any player lucky enough to have them can sell them for billions in OSRS Items. Although these hats are purely cosmetic and have no stat bonuses, they are currently the most expensive items on the big exchanges, reaching a peak price of 2.1 billion GP in 2015.

    To earn or wear the Golden Party Hat, players must complete "various objectives" and earn eight golden shards for their efforts. Once you've collected all eight, you can combine them into a golden party hat. However, not only is the event time-limited, but each player can only craft one golden hat for a limited time.

    It remains to be seen whether the new item will disrupt the in-game economy and reduce the value of existing party hats, or become a new or even more advanced item. Jagex will, as always, mark the occasion, though, transforming the in-game Grand Exchange location into a Golden Party Hat Winter Wonderland.

    It's not easy to accomplish these tasks with petioles, so if you go through it, you should know the difficulty. In the next missions, you can Buy OSRS Items in advance from reliable suppliers such as RPGStash for emergencies, in addition, you can also buy useful OSRS Items to enhance your character, after all, enjoying The joy of the game is the goal.