How to Find EFT Items For Budget Builds


    In Escape from Tarkov, finding the best EFT Roubles is a big part of the game, and this budget weapon builds are great not only for offense but also for your bank balance. If you're a beginner, then you need to know more about effective weapon builds.

    Low-budget weapons are very important for beginner players, so if you are looking for a budget weapon build then the AK-74N is for you. If you're willing to spend more, you can buy a GP-24 Recoil Pad or a Muzzle Zenit DTK-1 Muzzle Brake for 3500 and 4500 rubles respectively.

    Once you start getting more EFT Money, whether through EFT Roubles or otherwise, you can start adding more expensive add-ons. You can buy AKS-74U/UB from Prapor when you have more spare Roubles, and of course, you can also barter with cat figurines. Whichever method you decide to go with, you should consider adding the IzhMash metal stock as well as the GP-25's Recoil Pad for AK Accessory Kit.

    The AKM is a modern version of the Kalashnikov, it offers a more accurate and lighter weapon than its predecessor, it's also a more efficient version of the weapon, you can get it from the LL2 Prapor, or if you have 3 Tushonkas barter, you can try to get it from LL1 Prapor.

    SIG MPX offers several reflex sights that can be used, as well as scopes, mounts, and more. With an 850RPM rate of fire and low recoil, this is a handy weapon to add to your arsenal. You can get this gun from LL2 Peacekeeper, you just need to add a few mods to get the most out of it on your budget.

    No matter which weapon you want to buy, you can't do without EFT Roubles, lucky Scav bins or bitcoins are also what players are after, only if you spend time immersing yourself in EFT, you will have a chance to get the best budget weapons. If casual players also want to experience the fun of professional players, then you can choose to buy EFT Items from Of course, you can also Buy EFT Items directly. RPGSTash provides players with the most comprehensive and friendly service.