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  • Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas has been released for a long time. Players are experiencing the excitement of the new version. At present, many players have entered the later stage of the game. If you want to achieve a higher achievement, you will be successful with a large amount of poe chaos orbs. Also brought useful feedback to Grinding Gear Games.

    POE Siege of the Atlas 3.17.3b

    The latest release of Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas 3.17.3b is based on player feedback to improve various controller support and fix some bugs.

    Controller support beta has been added to the Epic Path of Exile client. Players experienced an issue with Whisper, Party, and Global Chat keyboard shortcuts not working in controller input mode, and adjust the panning speed of various panels such as the passive skill tree and atlas in controller input mode.

    GGG also maintains a positive attitude, and gradually solves the difficulties encountered by players in the game, such as the handle input method has been solved, and the bug that players cannot view the atlas and reward goal completion status on the drop map has been fixed.

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