RPGStash POE Guide: Siege of the Atlas update fixes multiple bu


    The GGG team has announced that Path of Exile 3.18 will be released in May, and players can look forward to new challenge leagues, more endgame improvements and more. Despite this, the demand for poe exalted orb among players is still high.

    Siege of the Atlas is a major update for version 3.17, adding several additions and a massive, overhauled skill tree system. 3.17 will also bring Path of Exile's highest-ever concurrent player count on Steam at over 270,000, meaning it'll keep you busy when it's over.

    The PC version of the Archnemesis League will end a few days early, with some details for another patch before the end. This update will include engine improvements, additional fixes to the ongoing controller support beta, and several other bug fixes.

    Recent updates have focused on fixing, balancing, and cleaning up some features. Controller support beta is also coming with 3.17.3. Are you looking forward to the new version coming? No matter what state you are in the game, to enjoy more in Path of Exile, the player character level and equipment are required.

    If you want to improve your character's skills in Path of Exile, it's definitely not enough to increase experience by killing monsters. You also need the blessing of various poe chaos orbs, which can bring you to a new level in the shortest time.

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