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Stackers Jewellery Box review

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    October 28, 2022 9:24 PM EDT

    Stylish, practical jewellery storage that withstands the test of time. It doesn’t seem like a tall order. That is until you actually start the hunt for the perfect jewellery box to house your beloved collection. Seeking to end this dilemma is UK-based brand, Stackers.To get more news about JEWELRY BOXES, you can visit official website.

    While the brand was born 10 years ago, Stackers is part of a larger group, LC Designs, which has been in the clock and jewellery business for a century. We thought we’d put the brand's famous jewellery boxes to the test to find out just how well they work. Read on to find out what our Editor has to say.
    Before we dive into the review, you might be curious to know more about Stackers. As we said, the brand was created a decade ago and now has a growing line of products, predominately focused on jewellery storage. The original Stackers Jewellery Box is composed of individual layers that can be bought individually, so you can stack up (see the namesake there?) a perfectly customised jewellery box.

    As the brand's popularity has grown, so has its offerings. Today, in addition to the original boxes, Stackers offers mini and extra-large jewellery boxes, jewellery storage with drawers and travel jewellery storing solutions. There are new designs catering specifically to makeup organisation, men's accessories, toting tech and more. But today, we're focusing on the Classic Stackers Jewellery Box.
    Recently, I added one more of the Stackers Ring & Bracelet Layers to give myself a little extra storage for rings, brooches and earrings. Unfortunately, the Navy Croc material I bought is being phased out, so it’s not easy to come by anymore. However, there are still crocodile material options and navy colourways if you want to mimic mine.

    You can’t talk about Stackers without talking about how easy it is to customise the jewellery storage to work for you. That’s exactly why I first bought my own Stackers. The layers are cleverly designed to suit your unique collection of trinkets and the micro velvet lining is extra luxurious.

    I also like that the layers stack. Personally, I prefer this to drawer-style jewellery boxes, but Stackers do have a line of drawer jewellery boxes, too if that suits your fancy. But I like how easy it is to life off a layer or two to get to what I’m searching for.

    Then there’s the quality. I’ve had my core three layers for more than two years and they still look great. They’ve survived two moves and being handled on a daily basis, but I can’t see any noticeable signs of wear. The faux leather exterior still looks great and is so easy to wipe clean. Meanwhile, the interior doesn’t have any marks from even my cheapest costume jewellery.
    Although I’ve sung the praises of the jewellery boxes to friends and family (and now you!), there are a few ways that Stackers fall a bit short. For starters, I’m somewhat sad that my exact material and colour is being discontinued. I’m not sure how long it was available before I shopped Stackers, but I won’t be able to add to the box I’ve started with matching layers. That being said, if you go for a more neutral colour, those seem to be Stackers mainstays.

    Then there’s the fact that even if you opt for the Supersize Jewellery Box, there is a point at which adding to your Stackers might not make sense. So, if your jewellery collection is sizable, you might not feasibly be able to keep any and all of your baubles and gems in your storage system. Essentially, I feel that there’s a point at which you can’t keep adding to your box.

    Finally, I’ve noticed that with a number of my rings, the setting is simply too tall for the lid layer. In fact, I typically have to tilt the rings I store in the top a bit so that the top won’t pop up. You can actually see the indentations they make on the lid layer. This isn’t the worst problem — or an issue unique to Stackers for that matter — but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re a bigger-is-better kind of person when it comes to your rings.