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What are Micro Switches Used for?

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    October 28, 2022 11:02 PM EDT

    Push buttons for alarms and call points – micro switches are used as the buttons within fire alarms, emergency stop controls, emergency door releases. These devices are designed to be pressed in an emergency to manually activate an alarm.Get more news about Custom-made Electronic Micro Switch,you can vist our website!

    Triggers to prevent devices from being dismounted – devices such as infrared detection alarms, card readers and access control panels will contain a micro switch so that if the device is removed, dismounted or damaged an alarm will trigger.

    Turning devices for surveillance cameras – micro switches are often used within the turning device, the micro switch will be activated when the turning device reaches its furthest point of motion. This ensures that the camera is moving into the position it should and not being compromised.

    HVAC applications– air pressure micro switches are used for detecting change in air pressure and switches for control panels.

    Elevator applications– micro switches are used for manual open door switches and control panel switches for floor selection within the elevator.

    Access Control – Micro switches can be used for electrical door locks and will detect the opening and closing of a door as well as the locking or unlocking. Micro switches can also be used to detect when a roller door is being opened (rolled up). They can be used on circuit breakers for on-off status detection and on control panels. Micro switches are also used for detecting the position of Cam and Bolt on safe door locks.
    Micro switches are also used for applications within home appliances. These include:

    Washing Machines– Micro switches are used at the power supply to turn the machine off/on, they are used for detecting switching power, angle of drums and filter. They will detect the door open-close status and are used on the control panel buttons. Inside the washing machine micro switches are also used for detecting the water level.

    Refrigerators – micro switches are used within refrigerators on the ice and water dispenser, they can detect if the ice maker is in the correct position.

    Air Conditioning Units – Micro switches can detect if the door panels on air conditioning units are closed. They can detect the angle of the louvers and are also used as reset buttons on the device.

    Rice Cookers and Microwave Ovens – within rice cookers, micro switches are used for detecting the open/close status of the cover. And within microwave ovens they are often used as safety short switches. In both microwave ovens and rice cookers, micro switches are used for control panel switches.